Why the Queen’s Venturer Award is important to me

Author: Diana McBey

The Queen’s Venturer Award is the highest award a youth can earn in Scouting. It is important because it showcases what hard work, dedication and service can accomplish. It is an award that reminds us of the paths we have chosen and how we have dedicated ourselves to service and our communities. With this award comes the opportunity to meet the Lieutenant Governor and the Queen’s provincial representative – a great honour to meet both. The award also reminds us that Scouting is an important global movement that continues to impact our communities and world in a positive way. Members of the Royal Family are Patrons of Scouting because they recognize the good that Scouting does for communities and for youth.

Queen’s Venturer Award Ceremony at the Legislature

This past October, Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario was the location of the Queen’s Venturer Award Ceremony. It was hosted by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, and the Ontario Scout Councils. During this even, eighty-one recipients were awarded the Queen’s Venturer Award.

Each Scout Group received from the Lieutenant Governor, a Certificate signed by the Governor General‎, Chief Patron of Scouts Canada, and posed for photographs like the photo included of 14th Willowdale QVA recipients. All recipients posed on the Grand Staircase after hearing inspirational messages from Her Honour and from a Company Scouter who works as a police officer. A Reception followed in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite and everyone had a chance to meet and greet, celebrate a challenging achievement, and plan to meet again at Rover Moots and other events in future.

Gratitude was expressed to Venturer Advisors and to parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, fellow Venturers and friends, for all the contributions and support provided on each individual QVA pathway.

As a recipient, I was honoured to be a part of this ceremony and will remember it for the rest of my life.



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