Free Park Admission for 2017 across Canada

By: Stephanie Aultman, Scouts Canada Youth Spokesperson

Calling all nature lovers! In order to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, Parks Canada, in association with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, has come out with a new initiative involving unlimited and free admission into national parks, historic sites and marine conservation sites in the year 2017.

People who buy a pass in 2016 won’t have to renew their pass until January 2018. That is a lot of time that could be spent exploring the nearly 100 national parks Canada has to offer. Some of the parks included on that list of possible adventures are Banff National Park (Canada’s First National Park), Point Pelee National Park (Canada’s most southern point on Canadian Mainland) and Mount Revelstoke National Park (a rainforest of 1000 cedar and pine trees).

Parks Passes will cost about $134.00 for families and groups, while individual youth and adults can costs between $33-$63. That’s a small price to pay for the unimaginable amount of adventures you could have in any of Canada’s national parks.

Canada from coast to coast is filled varying landscapes and beautiful scenery, all of which tell the story of Canada both today and in the past. Whether it is the lovely lighthouses of the East Coast or the majestic mountains in the West, Canadian National Parks constantly have something new to show!

To find out more information, please go to the Parks Canada webpage. The Free Park pass allows Scouts and other wilderness explorers to discover the true wonder of Canada’s parks all year round! So get out, get your pass and get Scouting!



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