Group Growth — 3rd Ajax Scout Group

We know that Scouts and Scouters alike love to take advantage of outdoor winter activities, so it came as no surprise when the 3rd Ajax Group Commissioner, Yvonne Cunning, informed us that participating in lots of outdoor activities, even in the winter, is what helped her Group grow by over 110%.

Making quinzhees, taking long snowshoe hikes in the woods and building campfires are just a few of the many things that come to mind when people think of winter camp. It’s a combination of  activities like these that helped this Group increase its Scout Section by three members in January alone. “Each year, we organize an all-Section winter camp at Ganaraska Forest Centre. The kids love it! They get so excited they tell of all their friends about it. So this year, at the beginning of January, we got three new youth join us just in time for our winter camp.”

The 3rd Ajax Scout Group plans tonnes of winter activities, such as hiking, snowshoeing and making bannock on the campfire. Given that it’s an all-Section camp, Group Commissioner Yvonne was passionate about catering the activities to each Section’s competencies. “We like to plan it so that everyone is doing a similar activity, but depending on their skill level, each Section has a different task or challenge to complete. For example, a campfire: the Beavers got to learn how to light a match (they were really excited about that), the Cubs got to put together and build a fire, and the Scouts had to build a fire but light it using a string.”

Winter camping isn’t the only thing that’s helped this Group thrive. “We have a good Group of Scouters this year that have helped provide such a great program. I’m really thankful.”

We were happy to hear that this group of Scouters allows the youth to decide the activities they participate in and no matter what, they always Plan, Do and Review their adventures.

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