Emergency Preparedness Week

May 1 to 7, 2016

Every year, since 1996, Public Safety Canada has worked in collaboration with the provinces and territories to bring awareness and communicate the importance of emergency preparedness to all Canadians. This initiative is called Emergency Preparedness Week and takes place the first full week of May. This year, the theme is Plan. Prepare. Be Aware.

Recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador provide deadly reminders on the importance of emergency preparedness. In Canada, more than 5000 earthquakes and 50 tornadoes are reported every year. We strongly encourage Scout Groups take advantage of this week to practice their emergency drills and procedures in the event of an earthquake, power outage or other serious emergency effecting their meeting facility, activity, outing or camp.

In a real-life emergency, once it’s deemed safe, Scouters would contact and release their youth to authorized parent/guardian identified on their registration form. So please practice your plan. This is a good time to ensure that your parents have provided you their updated emergency contact information and whom their child can be released to in the event of an emergency. You should discuss with the parents and have them designate an alternate pick-up person who lives within close proximity to the meeting facility in the event of a major emergency. Have parents speak with their children about their Scout Group’s emergency plan and release procedures, and ensure they are aware of risks that could make streets unsafe after a disaster, such as gas leaks and downed power lines. Encourage all your families to have a plan in place for home, school and work.

Natural disasters are beyond our control, but as Scouters we can reduce the risk. Take action and get prepared – know the risks, make a plan, and have an emergency kit.

For more information visit: Scouts.ca/scouts-emergency-preparedness



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