Personal Achievement Badges: Same Shape, New Adventures

On The Canadian Path, Personal Achievement badges serve the same purpose that Activity and Challenge badges served in the past (for Cubs and Scouts, respectively). These badges present an opportunity for youth to explore their own interests, generally outside of weekly meetings.

The transition to Personal Achievement badges involves a few changes—not least of which is their new name! In many ways, however, we’re carrying on long-standing traditions. For example, the iconic triangular shape for Cub Scouts and the circular shape for Scouts will remain the same. Altogether, the Cub and Scout Personal Achievement badges look very much the same as they do right now, though new artwork has been introduced to go along with the badges’ new names.

So, what is changing?  Here are some highlights of the new structure:

  • There are 16 Personal Achievement badges for each of Scouts Canada’s first three Sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts), and the themes are consistent so that youth can develop their skills as they continue their journey on The Canadian Path
  • The Personal Achievement badges are achieved individually by youth who choose to make these badges part of their personal Scouting journey.
  • The Personal Achievement badges follow the Plan-Do-Review process.
  • There are no set requirements for the badges. Instead, each badge has an objective  supported by a few guidelines.
  • A Personal Achievement badge may be achieved more than once, as long as a  youth fulfills a new set of personal goals.
  • Most importantly, completing the adventures for the badge must be exciting, fun and challenging for the youth!

Many Scouters and youth have wondered why we’re moving towards a system without set requirements for each badge. This is a very good question. The short answer is that self-set goals allow youth to challenge themselves in ways that best support their personal develop. Watch this short video featuring some Cub Scouts with different skating abilities to see how self-set adventures benefitted them:

We’ve also developed a number of other resources to help youth and Scouters understand how Personal Achievement Badges can enhance their Scouting journey, including a Transition Scouters’ Tip, Badge Mentor Scouters’ Tip and Section-specific resources:

Beaver Scout Resources Cub Scout Resources Scout Resources
Guide to Personal Achievement Badges Guide to Personal Achievement Badges Guide to Personal Achievement Badges
Personal Achievement Badge PDR Template Personal Achievement Badge PDR Template Personal Achievement Badge PDR Template

We’ll see you on the Path!



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