Good Turn Week 2016 Wrap Up

Did you do a Good Turn last week? Scouts from all across Canada took part in our seventh annual Good Turn Week campaign (April 22-May 1st). Good Turn Week is a week of providing kindness without expectation or recognition.

Thousands of Scouts across Canada participated in Good Turn Week with the hopes of spreading good will across the county. For Groups, this special week was a great way to incorporate Canadian Path principles into planning and doing Good Turns as the youth were the ones leading the projects in their local communities. With all the Good Turns happening nationwide, Scouts were hoping to cause a ripple effect, inspiring others within our community to do Good Turns!

An example of one of our projects was in the Greater Vancouver area and Youth Spokesperson, Shakil Jessa, led the way! Together with fellow YSPs and Council members, he created a project named #CansForCoffee. His program raised food donations for the local Food Bank and anyone could donate nonperishable food item(s) in exchange for coffee. At their two day event they received over 380 donations!

That was just one example of the many projects across Canada that were led by Scouts! You can check out all the Good Turn Week projects on the Good Turn Week website or view the conversation online with the #GoodTurnWeek hashtag.

Remember, any small deed can make someone else’s day better. In our busy lives of juggling activities and commitments, it can be easy to forget to lend a hand. Help make your community an even kinder, friendlier, and happier place, do a Good Turn everyday.



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