Once a Rover

Author: Scouter David Millie

Originally posted on Scouts Canada Facebook Discussion Group page

This past weekend I had a wonderful evening catching up with some old Scouting friends of mine over dinner. At the end of the night we had been talking about camps coming up and how the Rover Scouts were helping at a one in June. Silly me said “oh I aged out,” which was quickly met with the reply “once a Rover always a Rover!”

To be honest I have always disliked this phrase. My perspective had been that you registered as a Scout, you have adventures, you get old, and you became a Scouter. It seems like such ridiculousness to think that you don’t grow up and become a Scouter?  But this was the first time hearing it after I was no longer a Scout, and it struck a chord as it never had before. Clarity had been granted over the once odd phrase; once you have learned to do your duty to self, god, and others it is not something you simply stop doing.

In Rovers I had learned to push myself and do great big things, I have not stopped doing this.

In Rovers I had learned that it is immensely filling to one’s soul to help others, I have not stopped doing this.

In Rovers I had learned that I have been graced with a spot on this earth and I need to pay rent for it by taking care of the earth and those on it, I have not stopped doing this.

The list goes on and on and on, the things I have learned in Scouts is truly immense and it is with most people I know. Please take a second to pause and reflect: what are you glad that you learned and its time has come for you to pass it on? Don’t tell me, go find a kid or three and teach them. Make this world a little better of a place.

Once a Rover


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