World Wide Adventures

By Shakil Jessa, Venturer Scout, Scouts Canada Youth Spokesperson

Scouting has been around for over 100 years, and started with Baden Powell taking his first Group of Scouts on that very famous trip to Brownsea Island. Today, we have Scouting in over 216 countries around the world, and Scouts Canada is the organization that we belong to.

Scouts Canada, alongside the youth, have created the new curriculum entitled “The Canadian Path.” The main outcome for this reboot in the program, is to make the program based more on the youth, and giving them more leadership opportunities. In fact, Scouts Canada’s Leaders are now called Scouters because youth are now the leaders.

On November 2015, I traveled to Montreal for Youth Spokesperson Media Training, and that was my first trip to the East Coast. I was scared that I wouldn’t know anyone, scared that I wouldn’t make any friends. This was my first trip anywhere far without my parents, but I went on the trip, and it was my favourite memory from Scouts Canada. I enjoyed the idea of being able to see how Scouting was done all across Canada. So it got me thinking, about how I could bring this back to my own Venturer Company.

At our next executive meeting, I told them about my experience; about the people, the amazing coordinators, the memories that I had made, and we decided to plan our own international expedition. In Scouts Canada, we have had the opportunity to plan where we want to go, and we get to plan everything down to what we are going to be eating on the plane ride. The Canadian Path has really helped my Venturer Company achieve this goal, because we, as the youth got the opportunity to be in charge of our own program.

In 2018, we are planning on going to Kenya to build a school, meeting up with other Scout troops in Kenya, as well, we are also planning to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Our Venturer Company loves to go hiking. In fact, we did one of our meetings on top of the Sasmat Chief in Squamish, British Columbia. These moments are what I love most about Scouts Canada, and making the memories and telling the stories. But now, our borders have been wiped away, and we are truly able to connect with the world around us.

This is part one of a series about my Venturer Company planning our Service Trip to Kenya. Stay tuned for more updates and how we will Plan-Do-Review our adventure.


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