My Personal Achievement – Medal of the Maple award

By Inaya Ali, Scouts Canada Youth Spokesperson

The Medal of the Maple award is given to youth members in Scouting who have significantly contributed to the movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation and a solid system of personal values. I was honored to be given my award this past June 2016 and would like to share a little insight into how I did this.

To be nominated for the Medal of the Maple award, I had to grow as a Scouting youth and personally progress. From being a person who didn’t like to talk much and was scared in new situations, I have since become a leader. From helping out with the Beaver Colony as a Junior Leader to becoming the Venturer President, I have learned how to give back to the Scouting community as well as my own local community. I have volunteered for Red Cross and the Ismilli Volunteer Corporation, and this has given me an immense amount of knowledge and personal happiness.

To this day, I continue to assist and work in my Scouting Troop, and was given the opportunity to branch out and do more for the Scouting community. One day, my Scouter sent me the application to become a Scouts Canada Youth Spokesperson (YSP). I put together a strong application and was accepted as a new YSP! I got to travel to Montreal to receive media training and have since become highly active by writing articles for Scouts Canada’s publications and by giving media interviews. Being a YSP opened more doors for me to get more involved and I have met so many amazing people along the way. I was able to get involved with my Council as well as my Area by becoming the Assistant Area Youth Commissioner for Richmond BC. After achieving all of this, my Scouters chose to nominate me for the Metal of Maple award.

There is something that makes my Scouters very special and that is how much they care about each and every one of their Scouts. There are two Scouters who have completely inspired me to do what I do as well as teach me so much along the way. They led me to complete my Six Stars and my Chief Scout Award, and along the way they shaped me into a leader. Through my Scouters, I was given the opportunity to rise up and try new things; I was challenged, gained new experiences and personally grew. My Scouters are not adults who tell me how to do things; instead, they are people that mentor me to being the best version of myself. My Scouters, Jane and Shafik, did just that and will continue to do so with every Scouting youth they meet. I will always be thankful for their dedication and efforts.

The Medal of the Maple recognizes service and being a good citizen with a good set of values. With Canada Day just around the corner it’s a time to think and reflect on what attributes make a good citizen. For me it is someone who is honest and kind, respectful and caring.  I know there is so much more I can do for my local community and the world. You can join me in trying to achieve this too. This Canada Day reflect on what it means to be a good citizen and maybe it will empower you to do something great.

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