Group Growth – 118th St. Andrew’s Group

Chinook Council – Calgary, Alberta

Scouts Canada is an inclusive organization; open to all young girls and boys aged five to 26. For the 118th St. Andrews Group, they believe this inclusivity has allowed their Group to grow by almost 90%! Over the course of just one year the Group went from 25 to 47 youth members. It’s evident something special is happening in Calgary, Alberta and ScoutScene took a moment to chat with Charles Hilton, Group Commissioner, to uncover the cause for their recent success.

“The most important thing about membership is if someone is interested in joining our Group, we follow up with them straight away,” commented Group Commissioner Charles Hilton. “We strive to be responsive and available to people and every request. That is the number one thing.” Charles made it clear that they are an extremely welcoming bunch. They make a point to find room for anyone who wishes to join their Group, often welcoming individuals to visit regular meetings and to participate in various fun activities.

We strive to be responsive and available to people and every request. That is the number one thing.

The 118th St. Andrews Group also contribute their success to their adventure-filled program that motivates youth to return each year. Ever Section has a great group of Scouters who work with the youth to come up with a whole range of fun activities that keeps them excited and engaged. These fun adventures wouldn’t be possible without the Group’s fundraising events. “The Group’s fundraising efforts have allowed families to afford sending their children on more Scouting adventures,” noted Charles. The Group’s fundraising efforts vary from local bottle drives to selling Scout Popcorn. Not only does this help fund their adventures throughout the year, but it brings awareness to their Group in their surrounding communities.

118 St Andrews Group

Charles emphasized that none of this would be possible without the help and support of a great and dedicated group of Volunteers. Charles noted that between the Scouters and the hard work of the Area Support Manager, it’s easy to have and maintain a quality program that many youth want to join.

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  • Bill

    Congratulations on your groups membership increase. Good thing happen with hard work from Volunteers and Area Support Manager.