Coming Soon – New STEM Kits for Beavers

Attention Beaver Scouters! There is a new STEM Kit for Beaver Scouts that is coming soon to a Scout Shop or Council office near you. The “Around the Pond STEM Kit” has been created to give Beavers and Colony Scouters the opportunity to pursue great STEM adventures on the Canadian Path.

What’s in the kit you ask? Well, let me tell you! Each box contains:

  • Two copies of Around the Pond: A Beaver Tale. This is a colourful book you can read as a Colony or Lodge to get you started on your next adventure!
  • You also get a selection of Adventures designed just for Beavers in the form of 13 Trail Cards. These will help you Plan, Do and Review your next great STEM Adventure. You can even use these cards to play a game with your Youth: Have each Youth select a Trail Card and then spend some time discussing the Adventure they have chosen as a group.
  • There are also materials required for some of the adventures included in the kit, but the Colony will need to provide the rest. Everything is listed on the Materials List, to make it easy to plan what materials you will still need.
  • You also get a copy of Scouters’ Tip, which will give Scouters a bit of background information on the kit and the STEM program. This is meant to help Youth if they get stuck.

The Adventures in the Around the Pond STEM Kit are designed to allow Beavers and their Scouters to explore the world around them! You can use your five senses to discover how animals see the world. You can find out where animals live and how they adapt to survive. You can even work together to build your own shelter. There are lots of great STEM Adventures to be found for you to Plan, Do and Review, and who knows how many more they may inspire! Every one of these great adventures will give your Colony or Lodge the opportunity to discover more about the world you live in!

The kit will be made available in the Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa in the upcoming Scouting Year. Stay tuned for more news on this and other STEM adventures on the Canadian Path.



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