Finally, a Company

Scouting takes individuals on many adventures. Some are near, while others are far. This year I went on a Scouting adventure into the interior of British Columbia with my Venturer Company and Scout Troop.  It wasn’t the most thrilling of trip, and it wasn’t a camp with tons of activities, but it was something different, something special.

We started the drive early in the morning from Delta, BC. Driving along the highway we got to take in all the views. Summerland was especially beautiful with views of Lake Okanogan and the surrounding wildlife. We stopped for lunch on the way at a nearby park and made sandwiches. While some members cleaned up, the others played an intense match of Scouts versus Ventures in soccer. Finally at midafternoon, we made it to Camp Boyle. We set up camp that day and took it easy with some badge work.

The next day at camp included the usual camp routine. Getting up early in the morning, working on badges, hiking and exploring the area around us.  What really made this camp special was the last night. The previous night one of the Scouters told some of the Ventures that there were gram crackers. As expected the Ventures wanted the best camp food imaginable, s’mores. So we asked our Scouters about having a small campfire to the end of the camp. They agreed and spoke to the camp chief who also agreed. The only problem was that the fire pit needed some work.

The pit was covered with bushes and all types of plants making it impossible to even sit on the logs around the pit. All 11 of the Ventures were sad that we couldn’t have our fire until one of us asked a question. He said ‘why don’t we all work together and fix the fire pit up and have the campfire’.  We all agreed and got to work. Each one of us had a job to do in order to get the fire ready. Some chopped the wood, while others made kindling and the rest got the Scouts to create skits and songs. We cleaned around the fire pit so everyone had a place to sit and made sure that no thorns were in the way. It took us a long time to get everything ready, so the campfire didn’t last too long, but that wasn’t the point of it. The point was the finally after a year of being in the same Venture Company we all worked together and accomplished something together.

This summer my Scouting adventure wasn’t thrilling and exciting but it brought all the Ventures in my Group together, which is truly amazing.

This was such an important feat for us. It had been a rough year for our Venturer Company. It was the first year our Group had a Company and we weren’t very organized. But what we accomplished at camp proved that in the end we have fun and work together to make special things happen. This summer my Scouting adventure wasn’t thrilling and exciting but it brought all the Ventures in my Group together, which is truly amazing. I guess all it takes is a little fire with some s’mores to get a group going. I can’t wait to see what we do together next year.


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