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Fraser Valley

The 9th SurDel Scout Group has seen significant growth over the past year. Their Cub pack almost tripled in size, but they aren’t stopping at that. With their Beaver Colony and Cub Packs full, they have plans to create secondary Groups of both in the new Scouting Year! We couldn’t resist hearing more about this great accomplishment so Group Commissioner, Mark Conklin, was kind enough to speak to ScoutScene to give us the scoop on their Group growth efforts.

“First and foremost, we are blessed with great Scouters within every Section of our Group. They are extremely committed to the program and are absolutely amazing.” said Mark. “Together, we’ve focused our time on building a strong program year after year.”

According to Mark, word of mouth and letting individuals know how great the Scouting program is for youth is one of the primary ways they’ve been able to grow their Group. Perhaps one of their greatest Group growth success stories, though, came about when a gentleman from Taiwan, Charles Lin, moved to the small town of North Delta. “Charles was looking to better integrate his kids into the community, so he signed them up for Scouting and they found a home in our program,” said Mark. Charles was then able to reach out to the Taiwanese and Chinese communities and encouraged them to join the program too. “This has really helped us see the value that Scouts Canada has in helping to integrate those that are new to Canada into our society,” Mark said. “It’s been really great.”

Not only has great Scouters and inclusivity helped to improve their Group growth efforts, but they can often be found out and about in their community. For example, they organize and plan the local Remembrance Day parade each year, where they march the streets of North Delta with police officers, a number of RCMP’s and some veterans too.

This Scout Group can also be found hosting regular bottle drives to fund seasonal camping trips in the surrounding area and their travels throughout the United States and beyond! This September you can spot them travelling to Portland, Oregon and staying in a docked submarine overnight. How neat is that?!

Upon talking to Mark, it’s clear this Group caters to just about everyone; whether you’re interested in both summer and/or winter camping trips or have a passion for traveling the world, you might want to consider joining the 9th SurDel Scout Group in the new Scouting Year!

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