One Hundred Years of Doing Our Best!

Cub Scouts around Canada and the world are celebrating an amazing milestone. For one hundred years, Cub Scouts is the section that has remained faithful to its roots. Through the imagination of youthful Cubs, Kipling’s The Jungle Book has been brought to life, providing countless adventures, just a Mowgli would have experienced. No matter where you are, if the subject of Cub Scouts comes up people will always recall their DYBs and their DOBs fondly. And this will continue for years to come!

Our Cub program at Scouts Canada has come along way since 1916. For a long time it has been one of our biggest and most popular sections, and it has never faltered from being the program that sets loose a young child’s imagination. The adventures our Youth experience through Cubs are the talk of the schoolyard the very next day. So how is your pack going to celebrate this milestone?

If you are looking for some ideas to help celebrate, here are a few Fun Cubs 100th items that are coming this Scouting year:

A Cubs Celebration Guide

This celebration guide contains some fun ideas to make your party a grand-howl time! You’ll also find great tidbits about the hundred-year history of Scouts Canada’s Cub program.


Chat with Cubs around the world over the air or on the web. Check out our

A Huge Celebration on December 16th! 

To mark this milestone, use the help of your Pack to create the ultimate event!

New Trail Cards for the Cubs 100th

We have created some fun trail cards to help your Pack plan the ultimate celebration!

New Exclusive Items at the ScoutShop

Shiny new crests and a glow in the dark t-shirt are now available!

Packs from across the country are simply waiting for the go signal to bring this party to life. Just imagine what you can do!


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