Put Safety First When Selling Scout Popcorn

Scout Popcorn is a great fundraiser. It’s also an activity that provides a variety of opportunities for personal development. Selling Scout Popcorn is rewarding hard work, and the money Groups raise helps to make all of their awesome Scouting adventures possible! Put your safety first – keep these tips in mind when you head out sell Scout Popcorn:

Sell with an adult. When you go out to sell Scout Popcorn door-to-door in your neighbourhood, do so with a parent or another adult you can trust.



illustrations-for-safety-tip-article-bat_12You’re not a vampire. Vampires shy away from daylight and love the night, but the opposite should be true for Scouts selling popcorn. When you head out to sell Scout Popcorn, know when the sun will set, and plan to be home before dark.

Just like on Halloween, stay outside. Don’t go inside a stranger’s house, even if you’re welcomed. Stay outside, and stay within sight of the adult who’s looking out for you when you sell Scout Popcorn.

illustrations-for-safety-tip-article1_06Don’t carry a lot of cash. While you should have a little money on hand to make change, let an adult hold on to most of the money you have when people pay for their Scout Popcorn.

Forget your own name. If somebody asks for your full name or a way to contact you, be prepared with the contact information of your Group’s Scout Popcorn Coordinator.

Sell where you’re welcome. It can be a good idea to sell Scout Popcorn in places where there are a lot of people, like in front of busy stores or in a mall, but get permission first. Your Group’s Scout Popcorn Coordinator will arrange times, locations and supervision for selling Scout Popcorn in places like these.

Don’t be a distraction. Selling Scout Popcorn at street corners can distract drivers. Stay clear of vehicles.
illustrations-for-safety-tip-article2_03Be bright.
Stay clear of dimly lit areas and places where you are not in sight the adult with whom you’re selling. If you can’t see the adult, he or she can’t see you! Wearing a brightly coloured jacket will help you stay visible.

Walk where you should. Stay off of people’s lawns – they might have hazards that are hard to see. Stick to sidewalks and driveways, and sell on one side of the street at a time. When it’s time to sell on the other side of the street, look both ways and cross at a corner.

Stick to your neighbourhood. Avoid getting lost. Sell Scout Popcorn in your own neighbourhood on streets you know well. Plan your route before you head out.

What the what!? Tell an adult right away if anything weird happens when you’re out selling Scout Popcorn. Trust your gut – if something doesn’t feel right, walk away.



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