Scout Popcorn = Scouting Adventures

There is one thing I remember doing every year in the fall that I still look forward to: Selling Scout Popcorn. I have been selling scout popcorn since my first year as a Beaver Scout. I love Scout Popcorn because of all of the opportunities it gives me. My first opportunity to travel was to attend the Pacific Jamboree (PJ) 2011 in British Columbia. That fall I sold enough popcorn to pay for my entire trip. I couldn’t believe it! I had the best experience there and met so many people. At PJ got to do so many fun and new activities. I had the opportunity to try sailing for my first time and I loved it. My second opportunity to travel was to Canadian Jamboree 2013. Again I was able to sell enough popcorn to take me to CJ 2013. That CJ I had so much fun meeting new people and trading badges. If it wasn’t for Scout Popcorn I might have not been able to participate in this amazing event!

When I sell Scout Popcorn I always choose the same routes. I do this so then I can get to know my customers and they get to know me. I have had the same routes since my first year selling as a Beaver Scout and I have people say “I remember when you were a little kid”. This is why I love selling popcorn; I meet new people in my community and I make new friends. My next opportunity to travel was to the World Jamboree 2015. The jamboree was held in Japan and was the best experience I have ever had in Scouting. It was amazing to be able to see 151 different countries represented and over 33,000 people. Because of Scout Popcorn, and the money that goes to the Groups, I was able to attend this WJ in Japan. I am having so much fun in Scouting. Thanks to Scout Popcorn I can continue my experiences in Scouting.


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