A Scouter’s Learning Path: My Experience with the new Woodbadge I

We are launching on the most exciting journey that Canadian Scouting has ever embarked on and I’m so excited that future generations of Scouts and Scouters will be able to learn and grow because of the knowledge and energy we have amassed as a movement. Youth and Scouters spoke out about what they liked about Scouting, and what could use improvement and we have ended up with this amazing adventure called The Canadian Path. This year we are formally launching the revitalized program and with this comes new training and resources for both youth and Scouters.

The new Woodbadge I training for Scouters has been refreshed to educate about the Canadian Path, as well as how to support the current generation of youth. I recently completed my Woodbadge I for Colony using the new Learning Path and it was one of the best training courses I have done. Our Woodbadge I is now more comprehensive, dynamic, and user-friendly than ever! It was a fun experience to learn more about all the aspects of working with youth and how to utilize Canadian Path resources and approaches in practise. I found that the examples and activities utilized really engaged me in the process of learning, and I think this will be great for new Scouters who want to know more about how to become active mentors in the youth’s programming.

From a user-experience standpoint, this new Learning Path interface is unparalleled to any other digital training I have seen before. In the past, online training has been similar to watching slide presentations for hours, in this new approach, it is fun to explore the content, and knowledge that new Scouters have to gain from Woodbadge I. The gamification of content was exciting for me while progressing through the Colony Learning Path because I felt more connected to what I was learning and had control over what I wanted to learn next. It was also a lot simpler than in the past, all the modules that I needed were in one place, easily accessible for me to find.

As we continue to grow as an organization, I think that innovations like this are going to be crucial in maintaining our status as Canada’s leading youth organization, not only with our quality program for youth, but also having knowledgeable adult-support to facilitate fun, safe Scouting adventures. If you haven’t already, got check out the new Woodbadge I for the sections you work with and learn more about your section, on the Canadian Path!


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