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jaymillar_photocred-lorrainewardFor more than 60 years Scouting Life has provided Scouters and Scouts with a wide array of tools and information meant to help enhance the Scouting experience. In my short time as Editor, I have witnessed several changes – in particular, Scouting Life became a key tool for the delivery of information about The Canadian Path. With the belief that Scouting Life should continue to be a tool at the forefront of the Scouting movement, the Editorial Board has decided transition away from the print format magazine. From this point forward Scouting Life will be a new and contemporary venture that is entirely on-line.

Why break with tradition? Well, we are in the midst of a Nation-wide transition at Scouts Canada, and this new Scouting Life format reflects that. An on-line community-based journal will make connections across the country in real time possible. It will encourage more member driven content, help to build youth leadership skills, and create an even stronger community around our common goal: Scouting Adventures. Since Scouting Life has always been for Scouts and Scouters, it also needs to strive to be by Scouts and Scouters. This new Scouting Life will allow everyone to share their Scouting Adventures, circulate advice and tips, and provide feedback and commentary. As such it will provide up-to-the-minute information about what is happening in Scouting in Canada today.

Content from the Editorial board will be refreshed on a regular basis and everyone is invited to visit often and get involved by providing feedback and sharing their own stories and experiences. As we all know in Scouting, sharing is important; in fact it is key. If you have information that you think others will benefit from, the new Scouting Life will be the place to share it. When you do, Scouting Life will become the rich on-line community that will help carry Scouting forward for generations to come.

If you are reading this, know that Scouting Life, whether as printed magazine or in this new on-line format, has always been for you and the Scouting community. We hope you will enjoy reading the new Scouting Life, and will help to make it the best it can be.

Jay Millar



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