STEM Kits: Bring STEM alive on the Canadian Path

The STEM kits program is up and running again this year, with the addition of an exciting new kit for Beaver Scouts!

STEM kits are ready-to-use packages that contain Trail Cards, Scouters’ Tips or manuals, and materials for a series of STEM activities with a unifying theme. They are designed to provide your Section with a convenient and accessible tool to experiment with new adventures and integrate STEM into your program. You can borrow the kits, free of charge, from the Scout Shop or the Service Centre in your area (depending on the city) for up to four weeks. The kits can be used over the course of three to four meetings or in a camp.

The Around the Pond kit for Beaver Scouts

Around the Pond — A Beaver TaleThe activities in the kit are designed to encourage Beaver Scouts to explore the natural world around them. They use their five senses to discover how animals see the world, they find out where animals live and how they adapt to survive and they work together to build their own shelter. These great adventures are designed to help the Beaver Scouts discover more about the world they live in.  The kit is currently available in: Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

The Space Exploration Kit for Cub Scouts

callout-stem-kitThis kit is the product of a collaboration between the Canada Science and Technology Museum and Scout Canada’s STEM program. The activities in the kit are designed around the theme of space exploration. They focus on different aspects of space technology and life on the International Space Station. Cubs can review the description of the activities and choose which ones they would like to pursue. The kit is currently available in Halifax, Ottawa, Oshawa, Toronto, Oakville, London, Windsor, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

The Robotics Kit for Scouts

Robotics Kit for ScoutsThis kit is designed to provide an opportunity for Scouts to experiment with coding and robotics. It contains a laptop, an Arduino robot, and supporting documents that guide the Scouts and Scouters through the activities. Scouts program the robot to complete incrementally more difficult tasks in the process of exploring a distant planet for signs of life. They can also design their own scenarios and challenges to take the adventure even further. The kit is currently available in St. John’s, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Use the STEM kits to create more memorable adventures on The Canadian Path and let us know about your experience. Share your adventure on social media, and see what others are up to, using the hashtag #ScoutsSTEM. Not on social media? Drop us a line at instead. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the kits, or the STEM program in general.


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