Cubs 100th Game Changer

Coming up on Friday, December 16th, 2016, Cubs from across Canada will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Cub Scouting! To celebrate this milestone, we have compiled some fun jungle games for your Pack to try! These will help make your Cubs 100th celebration, camp or any other Cub event all that much more fun. Bring the games to your Pack and allow them to choose which one they would like to play!



Mowgli Game


Cloth Mowgli or a plush that looks like Mowgli, 2 chairs for goal areas, 2 hockey sticks

How to play:

  1. Have the Cubs choose a partner and stand across the room from each other, forming two lines.
  1. Give each set of partners a number (1,2,3,4..)
  1. Place a cloth Mowgli in the center of the room.
  1. Form a goal post at the other two ends of the room and place a hockey stick in front of each goal area.
  1. Upon calling out a number (for example, #4) the two Cubs with the number 4 race to their goal area, pick up their stick, run to where Mowgli is, and attempt to get Mowgli to their goal post. After scoring, the sticks are returned to their goal area, they rejoin their side, and another number is called.


  • Sticks must not be lifted more than 6 inches off the floor.
  • No checking.
  • Give every number a chance to play.
  • Winning team is the one with the most goals.


Skin The Snake

How to Play:

  1. Form into Lairs, standing behind each other, legs apart.
  1. Players hold the left hand of the player behind them by passing their right hand back between their legs.
  1. On “Go!,” the last player lies down and the rest move backwards, passing over him/her. As players reach the next player lying down, they lie down too.
  1. When the last player lies down, he/she gets up and moves forward over the others, pulling them up after him/her.
  1. Players hold hands the whole time. First Lair up wins.

For more difficulty, make the teams larger by combining Lairs.


Bringing Home the Elephant Hathi


A piece of knotting cord for each Cub, one chair for each team

How to Play:

  1. Cubs line up in teams, with each Cub holding a piece of knotting cord. Put chairs (one for each team) at the other end of the Den (as far away as possible). Tie a piece of cord to each chair.
  1. At the word “Go!”, the first Cub from each team runs to an elephant (chair), and attaches a cord with a reef knot to the cord already tied to the chair.
  1. As soon as he/she is finished, he/she calls for the next Cub, who runs and joins another cord on, and so on until all the team has attached cords.
  1. Then the Scouter shouts “Home”, and they all drag their elephant back to the starting point.
  1. First team to be standing behind their elephant wins.

NOTE: This game could be played outdoors, using a piece of wood for Hathi.


Visit the Cubs 100th party guide here for even more ideas on how to celebrate this milestone with your Pack!



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