The Right Place, the Right Time and the Right Footwear!


At the Gym or Meeting Halldecember-safety-tip-footwear-2_03

  • Indoor shoes are a must! Without a proper grip on the gym floor, you’re are at risk of serious injury – you could wind up with a concussion or a broken bone. Ouch!

Tip for Scouters: Before your next meeting, send a friendly reminder to parents to ensure their children have proper indoor footwear – not just winter boots!

On a Hikedecember-safety-tip-footwear-2_14

  • A good pair of hiking boots can’t be beat! Hiking boots provide added protection and support against rolled ankles stubbed toes and punctures – all of which have happened to Scouting youth in the last year!
  • Be prepared with some MoleskinTM in your first aid kit for treating blisters. Nail clippers can come in handy, too.

At Campdecember-safety-tip-footwear-2_18december-safety-tip-footwear-2_23

  • A good pair of camp shoes, like crocs, will give your feet a break. Let your feet air out (treat them to some foot powder!) and avoid getting sidelined with blisters, athlete’s foot or bunions.

* Don’t forget to change back into your boots before chopping wood!

december-safety-tip-footwear-2_21december-safety-tip-footwear-2_09Winter Activities

  • It may sound obvious, but winter can get cold and wet. Without proper insulated winter boots, you increase the risk of slips and falls, as well as frostbite.

december-safety-tip-footwear-2_15It’s All about the Socks!

For any activity, socks have three important roles:

  1. Cushion feet and absorb some of the shocks from walking
  2. Wick sweat and keep feet dry
  3. Provide warmth and comfort

Cotton socks are a poor choice in winter – they absorb water and leave your feet cold and wet. Wool socks will do a better job of keeping your feet warm and dry.



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