10 Reasons why you should Bring a Friend

Bring a friend

Scouting is a great big family that has so many fun and amazing opportunities. There are so many things that make everyone’s scouting experience the best it can but every experience is different. Friends are a key motivator to do stuff for many people but here is a list of things that should motivate you to bring a friend:

1. Scouts can teach you skills you never thought you would learn.

How many teenagers do you know that can successfully create a functioning catapult? A shelter made completely out of natural components? With scouting you we always aim to have fun and learn new skills.

2. You also learn useful skills for day to day life and help you function in society.

Starting at a young age in scouting you start planning activities and events on your own. Your scouters are there to help when you need it but you are the one in charge. Making a meeting schedule, formally and informally contacting people, and making sure events are planned with back up plans are just some skills you can learn in scouts.

3. Scouting is a safe space where everyone can be themselves.

So many people search far and wide for a group of people where they can truly be themselves, and for most of us in this movement that is what we have found. Each scout group is what it is because of the personalities of the people in it. Don’t be afraid to test a few groups out.

4. Our youth-led programming makes sure you are doing activities you want to do.

With any group you join nationwide the program is by the youth for the youth. Groups decide what they want to and when they have time to do it. You have to make sure to tell your group your ideas so that something similar can happen.

5. Everything is better with a friend, so why not introduce them to more friends.

There is no such thing as too many friends. Introduce your friend to other scouting friends. Now every event you attend is a party and you will never be bored.

6. You are given the opportunity to help out around your community with people who also want to take part.

Helping with your local shelter or being reading buddies at the local library, if theres some volunteering you want to do, all you have to do is ask around your group if someone would like to join you.

7. Scouting opens up opportunities to work with other scouts across the country.

You could become a Youth Spokesperson and talk about scouting with every breath. There are so many opportunities for youth to meet like minded Canadians. From jamborees to summits and conferences, everyone you will meet will have something in common with you and you will surely stay in contact with some of them for life.

8. In Scouting you also get opportunities to travel internationally.

There are so many opportunities to travel: World Jamboree, World Moot, World Scouting Centers, and more! As a group or with a friend or even by yourself, you can make some amazing plans to travel, fundraise, see the world and make new friends.

9. We spend a lot of time outside.

It’s scientifically proven that spending time outside is better for your mental health. A lot of the activities we do vary from hanging out while camping to going and climbing a mountain. We aren’t afraid to break a sweat so it’s also pretty good for your physical health. Your doctor would probably recommend it!

10. We’re the people you want on your team in a time of need.

Whether you’re in a bad place and need some people to cheer you up, or you need a group of people who are prepared for almost any emergency. We’re the group to help you. Everyone has a Zombie Apocalypse dream team. Why not join ours?


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