Join Others Across Scouting to Prevent Bullying!

Here are things you can do to prevent bullying in Scouting.


  • Talk about it! Have a Patrol (team) meeting. Ask everyone if they feel included. Make a ‘bully report’ to your Scouter.
  • Role play! Create a scenario where someone stands up to a bully with help from his or her friends. Remember – fighting isn’t the right answer!
  • Make a friend! Maybe there’s a new youth in your group. Find out what you have in common. For starters, you’re both in Scouting!
  • Speak up! Tell your Scouter if you think someone you know is being bullied.
  • Don’t join in! It’s not funny to see someone get hurt or embarrassed, so don’t laugh when it happens.
  • Offer help! Asking others if they’re alright gives them a chance to share their problems.

Remember – always treat others with respect!


  • Know how to respond. Read Scouts Canada’s bullying and harassment policy.
  • Be proactive. Respect in Sport training for activity leaders is available to all Scouters. Taking the training will help you to recognize, understand, and respond to bullying and abuse, and you will have access to Respect in Sport’s helpful resources.
  • Be a good role model. Being a Scouter is both a privilege and a trust. You are responsible for the safety, respect and wellbeing of the youth.
  • Create a safe environment. Bullying can’t exist in a positive environment. Ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. (Chapter 4 of the Scouter Manual has some great advice on encouraging self-discipline and respectful behaviour.)
  • Talk about it. Not all conflict is bullying. Have open discussions about the right way to handle disagreements. Use your Section Leadership Team to help resolve issues.
  • Use your Code of Conduct. Review your Section’s Code of Conduct with the youth and ensure it addresses bullying.
  • Be there. Everyone gets distracted, but when adults aren’t watching, bullies bully. By providing proper supervision and being involved with the youth, there are no opportunities for bullying to happen.



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