Xander’s Marmot™ Trestles 0® Sleeping Bag Review

If you’re looking for a good winter camping sleeping bag, the Marmot™ Trestles 0® is for you!

I took this sleeping bag out to our Scouting Group’s winter campout 2017 and the temperature was around –3 °C/- 6 °C. The sleeping bag is made for –18 °C, so I stayed cozy all night! The sleeping bag is equipped with 2 zippers for easy access when getting in and out, and it also has hidden pockets on the inside, along with a strap to keep your neck warm. It got wet overnight but the inside was still dry. When I took it home the next day, it dried really quickly, which is always a nice thing to have happen. The only downside I found about this sleeping bag was it is really hard to get back into its carry bag, so younger campers might need help, but overall it was a really good sleeping bag and it kept me warm through the night.


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