Planning for a March Break Adventure in Canada

When it comes to planning a March break adventure, the possibilities are endless. You can plan a day hike at Point Pelee with your friends, or a week-long camping trip at Camp Cedarwin. The type of adventure you decide on will determine how much time you need to spend planning. For short term adventures you can occasionally be spontaneous and decide on, plan and pursue an adventure all in the same day. Long term or bigger adventures require more planning and detail. You will need to plan the day or week’s events ahead of time to find a location, determine what resources are needed and divide up responsibility for each task. Whatever you decide, knowing how to plan your March Break adventure will ensure that you have a great, safe Scouting experience.

To prepare for your March break adventure, your plan needs to be detailed and easy to follow. Say, for example, that you want to plan a big camping trip for the week of March break. To begin, determine what campgrounds are open over the break and book your campsite. You will also need to decide what your Section would like to do during the camping trip – are there other adventures you want to plan like hiking or snowshoeing? At this stage you can also create your meal plan. Make sure you take into consideration any food allergies or dietary restrictions other youth in your Section may have. The food you can bring and the activities you are able to do will depend on the location of your camping trip. Will you be sleeping in tents or staying in a cabin that has a refrigerator and stove? Are there great hiking trails nearby you will want to explore, or do you plan to use this camp to practice first aid skills? The next step is to create a budget for your camp. How will you pay for the campsite, groceries, and any other supplies you may need? Decide on the fee each person will pay to fund the adventure, and how those fees will be collected.  Now you can divide up the tasks that need to be completed to make the camp a success. Determine who will purchase the groceries and organize the supplies you need for the trip. Create a packing list for each person, and discuss who will bring the tents, lanterns, and other camping supplies. You will also need to determine how everyone will get to the campsite – will people be carpooling together, or will transportation be provided? The more you plan, the more prepared you will be the week of your camping trip.

Short term adventures like a day hike at Point Pelee will require less planning, but it’s still an important part of the adventure. You will need to find out what trails are accessible, the cost of admission to enter the park, and arrange rides for everyone to get there. You may want to make a list of supplies everyone should carry in their day packs like water, Band-Aids and protein packed snacks.

There is a world of opportunity awaiting you this March break. Whether you will be hiking the Adirondack Mountains, winter camping at Silent Lake, cross country skiing in the Laurentians or visiting a new art gallery, start planning now and be prepared for a week of fun-filled adventure.


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