CJ’17 — What’s in my bag?

When I started writing this article, I wasn’t sure where to start. Everyone who is going to CJ knows what to bring to camp, and CJ is just a big camp. However, there is one key difference between CJ and a normal camp – the people. At a normal camp, you most likely know everyone attending, but at Jamboree, that’s not the case. At Jamboree’s, you are meeting new people every day, so you need to bring a few extra things.

Firstly and most importantly, bring an open spirit. A Jamboree is the perfect opportunity to make friends from all over Canada. The best part of this experience is meeting new people and making new friends. These friendships are what you are going to remember in ten years. You can’t make new friends without an open spirit. So when you sign up for your activities, be open to trying new and different things. Having an open mind is important for learning from new experiences, and Jamboree is a great place to learn new things.

Secondly, you need to have a positive attitude. It starts with a smile, the easiest thing to have at a Jamboree. Although this isn’t hard, Jamborees are so much fun you don’t get much sleep because of all the fun activities. By taking the time to talk to new friends in a cheery way, you will be able to take full advantage of the experience that is the Jamboree.

Thirdly, you need a way to cool down, especially if you are a Patrol Leader. Since I was a Patrol Leader at my first Jamboree, I would know. I learned the importance of finding something to help you through your responsibilities. I knew a Scout that carried around mints and when he felt overwhelmed, he would pop one in his mouth. Another technique is singing, another Scouter I knew always sang Jingle Bells!

Finally, to have the perfect Jamboree, you need to have fun. There is no formula for the perfect Jamboree experience. The Jamboree is what you make of it and those things are what I needed at my first Jamboree. So the thing you need in your bag is whatever you need to enjoy yourself!


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