Scout Popcorn is Your Fundraiser

SCOUT POPCORN isn’t just Scouts Canada’s national fundraiser – it’s yours too! After all, your adventures do start with fundraising with Scout Popcorn. We’ve taken your feedback from our 2016 Campaign survey and have incorporated as many suggestions as possible.

Thanks to your responses, the 2017 Campaign has been revitalized to include changes to:

  • Pricing and return
  • Packaging
  • Our national incentive and recognition program
  • Support materials

Popcorn Comparison Chart


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  • Lyndon Ulmer

    If I’m a soccer coach and I have respect in sport for soccer already do I have to take this respect in sport again?


    • Scouts Canada

      Hi Lyndon,

      Yes. You can transfer your certificate to another organization that uses a Respect Group training program as
      long as it is the same program type. Individuals will be prompted to enter or search for their existing Respect
      in Sports certificate number at the beginning of the program.

      Scouters with a current Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders training certificate can apply it to meet Scouts
      Canada’s requirements – they do not need to retake the training until their certificate expires.
      • Respect in Sports for Activity Leaders certificates can be transferred to any other Activity Leader
      • Respect in Sport for Parents, Respect in School and Respect in the Workplace certificates cannot be
      transferred to fulfill the Respect in Sports for Activity Leader requirement

      I hope this helps.

      For more information visit:

  • Jessa

    I love the look of the new logo, but am a little disappointed at the absence of the maple leaf. Otherwise, it looks great! I think the updates to the program and packaging will be great.