A Scouts Guide to Summer Fun

Summer is a time for adventures, a time when youth really get to express themselves, and figure out what they enjoy. From my experience, there is no better place to do that than at a Scout camp.  Remember, the Scouting program doesn’t only run during the school year. Across the country there are hundreds of summer camps put on by Scouts Canada, which attend to a variety of interests.  These camps are geared to both outdoor adventures and intellectual challenges for youth of all ages, ranging from the youngest, Beaver Scouts, to the oldest, Venturer Scouts.

​Granted, summer camps are not the only way to have great adventures over the summer.  As youth grow older, and move into the higher sections, they may choose to create an adventure of their own.  For example, a Venturer Company may choose that they want to travel to another part of the country and explore all that it has to offer.  During their planning period, they would be able to decide if they wanted to sight see at local tourist attractions, or connect with nature by canoeing, hiking, or biking.  Maybe they would even decide to do a mixture of both.  On top of that, they would be able to contact local Scout groups to do a linking activity together, fostering even more Scouting friendships.

Adventures don’t end there, an adventure can happen at any moment in time, anywhere in the world.  Some groups chose to stay a little closer to home to have their summer fun.  Groups may get together and have a picnic in the park with games and laughter all around.  Or, they might go to a local museum to learn a thing or two.  Other adventures could include canoeing around a local lake, or enjoying a sunny day at the pool.  No matter what you and your youth decide to do this summer, if it involves Scouts it’s bound to be fun.


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