Group Growth: The 1st Glenvalley Scout Group

Retaining strong volunteers through engagement & appreciation

Over the past year, the 1st Glenvalley Scout Group has grown by 72.5% and they couldn’t have done it without the commitment of their energetic volunteers. Group Commissioner Susan MacGregor took the time to speak with Scouts Canada about their growth.

In the 1st Glenvalley Scout Group parents are engaged in a youths Scouting adventure early on. “When introducing Beavers to overnight camping, it is mandatory their parents attend so the youth feel comfortable,” said Susan, “it is also a great volunteer recruitment tool!” During these camps, parents are able to see the Scouting program in action while having a really great time. This often encourages parents to join in on the fun and volunteer.

“Due to strong Scouter engagement and appreciation, parents who start volunteering for their child continue volunteering for everyone’s children,” said Susan, “this allows even more local youth to be accepted into our program and enables our Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers to grow as well.”

1st Glenvalley Scout Group

Youth are recruited by not only participating in ‘Bring a Friend Week’, but by making every night ‘Bring a Friend Night.’ Many of the Group’s activities take place in the local community which helps raise awareness of the program and encourages other youth to join. New and exciting adventures at camp such as area activities, camp fires and fun stations also keep youth coming back year after year.

“Following the Canadian Path and incorporating youth- led principles has kept our program engaging and interesting,” said Susan, “the members of our Group have really enjoyed taking on leadership roles.”

With the 1st Glenvalley Scout Group, even Beavers are given the opportunity to lead by taking charge on the opening and closing ceremonies at meetings.  Through its strong volunteer recruitment, amazing adventure and by following the Canadian Path, this Group’s growth knows no limit!

1st Glenvalley Scout Group


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