Powered by Popcorn: The 18th Brandon Group

The 18th Brandon Group has been selling Scout Popcorn for the past 13 years, and these efforts have certainly paid off. 2016 was a great year for the Group, they increased their sales by 46.4% over the previous year, and plan to fundraise even more this year! Group Commissioner Lyle Schepp was kind enough to share the youth’s best practices with Scouts Canada.

“By adopting a ‘one for all and all for one’ attitude, the Group’s sales have soared year after year,” said Lyle, “Every single member is encouraged to sell and no matter how much they fundraise, it all adds up and benefits the entire Group.” Many groups choose to focus on individual sales, but Lyle cannot stress enough how much comradery can impact fundraising.

By adopting a “one for all and all for one” attitude, the Group’s sales have soared year after year

Lyle Schepp, Group Commissioner

Fundraising through Scout Popcorn has allowed the Group to experience many new and exciting adventures. The funds raised have been used to supplement costs at camp and even half of a 9 day canoe trip. An adventure that is quite an undertaking to begin with is made all the easier with sufficient funds.

Giving back to the community is a large part of the Group’s programming, unique Group events such as attending a local hockey game together helps foster lifelong Scouting memories.  “Our Group focuses on how buying popcorn is a donation to Scouts Canada,” said Lyle “and how it helps our youth enjoy new adventures and prepares them for the future.”

The focus however is on a donation rather than selling popcorn, which Lyle says made a huge difference to increase overall sales. Asking people to donate to Scouts and then letting them know how much popcorn they can get really allows people to feel good about contributing.

More than anything, community building is the main focus of the 18th Brandon Group’s Scout Popcorn campaign. All Scouting Sections learn the benefits of popcorn fundraising. Their hard work allows them to not only see results but to enjoy them as well! It provides youth with the opportunity to share their love of Scouting and raise awareness of how the program is preparing them for the future and helping them achieve their goals.


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