Promoting EnvironMentality: Scouts Canada’s Environmental Stewardship Program

When I’m on an Adventure, I often pause to reflect on my years involved in Scouting. When I do I am amazed. Over the years I have taken part in many things that have allowed me to learn that I am one of many stewards of the environment. They are all things that I have done through Scouting.

Some are simple and some are more complex, but they have all been important. From the games we played at meetings that allowed me to learn early on about environmental issues, to activities like tree planting and shore line clean up, or learning the principles of leave no trace — I can see how my years of Scouting have provided me with tools and knowledge that I can use and share with others to treat the world we live in with respect.

As Scouts, promoting environmental stewardship within our communities is a core value. It is my hope the work we do to preserve nature will influence those around us. Recently, Scouts Canada entered a partnership with TD Friends of the Environment to plant trees and maintain green areas. By engaging community partners and individuals, Scouts across the country have raised awareness of EnvironMentality and the importance of taking care of our local greenery through this initiative.

As Scouts, we develop a relationship with the natural world around us that could not otherwise exist. This gives us a unique opportunity to learn from nature, as it truly is our class room. As such, it is our responsibility to act as stewards of our environment and encourage our communities to respect, preserve and protect our natural world.

The South Lake Simcoe Area Scouts planted 300 trees in the New Market area:

Girl planting a tree   Boy planting a tree

The 271 Copperfield New-Brighton Cub Scouts have been busy planting 100 trees in Fish Creek Provincial Park:

Group of Scouts planting trees


Group of Scouts planting trees


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