Group Growth — 186th Ranchlands Group

Finding Adventure Everywhere

In the last year, the 186th Ranchlands Scouting Group grew by 61.9%, increasing from 21 to 34 youth members.  Their secret? Planning amazing urban adventures and community building. Christopher Tindall, Group Commissioner, took the time to explain their success to Scouts Canada.

“As a Group living in an urban area we have to get creative with our adventures, like kayaking in our local community swimming pool.” said Christopher, “The event was a hit! We had 95% turnout.”

Additionally, the Group takes advantage of the wooded areas in the neighbourhood all year round. In the winter they go snowshoeing, and in the summer months they hike and build bird houses. These indoor and outdoor urban adventures have attracted new members and kept others coming back, year after year.

“Our youth really enjoy community building and giving back which has helped drive membership.” said Christopher, “Bottle drives and community cleans up are just a few of the ways we help our local neighbourhoods.”

The 186th Ranchlands Group’s youth-led mentality has helped keep members involved and eager to return to gain even more from the program.  Even the Beaver programming is youth driven by letting them draw what adventures they would like to participate in.

Our youth really enjoy community building and giving back which has helped drive membership.

Christopher Tindall, Group Commissioner

“All of this could not be done without the help of our hard-working volunteers.” said Christopher, “Our parents also step up to help, one a biologist who taught youth about animal behaviours.”

Nothing can stop the 186th Ranchlands Group from growing even further. To them, adventure is everywhere, from a community centre swimming pool to a wooded area in the city.


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