How Safe is Your Meeting Place?

Every week Scouting youth meet in schools, places of worship, and community halls across the country. Take a moment to review this month’s safety tip to help ensure your regular meeting place is a safe, welcoming space for youth and volunteers to gather.

  • Exit signs are clearly visible.
  • Exits are free of obstacles and unlocked from the inside.
  • Fire extinguishers & fire alarms,.
  • Survey the room to identify any safety hazards such as loose steps, broken hand rail, exposed electrical sockets, sharp edges, broken windows, slippery entranceway, stored chemicals or cleaning products, and indoor tripping hazards, like extension cords.
  • If your meeting space has appliances make sure they are in good condition.
  • Don’t forget to look up for any items that may fall.
  • Know who is responsible for the safe operation of your meeting space and report any potential dangers if you are not able to remove hazards safely on your own.
  • First aid kits are accessible. If they aren’t – bring one for your Section.
  • Parking lot lights are working so emergency vehicles can access the area.
  • Ensure potential trip and fall hazards outside are clearly marked with a pylon. Remove any debris that may cause an accident.
  • Flooring is in good condition – carpets and mats are laid flat.
  • Conduct a fire drill.
  • Have parent contact information readily available.
  • Post an emergency exit route.
  • Make an emergency phone available.
  • Stow Scouting youths outerwear so that exits aren’t obstructed
  • Review safe routes to and from meeting hall, identify crosswalks and bike paths.
  • Be aware of other potential hazards around the meeting hall like bears, cougars, dogs off leash.
  • If other community groups are sharing your meeting space, know who their contact person is and have an established agreement about sharing the space and equipment.
  • Always maintain the 2-Scouter rule, which requires two registered Scouters to be with youth at all times.

To help ensure a safe meeting place, Group Commissioners and Scouters can access the Scouts Canada Meeting Space Risk Assessment Checklist HERE.


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