Safe Scouting: Selling Scout Popcorn

It’s finally September, and this means one thing: it’s time to get outdoors and sell some Scout Popcorn. But where do you start?

Scout Popcorn is a great fundraiser for many reasons. It encourages you to connect with your community, be it your neighbours, teachers, or friends and family. The money you raise gets put towards your personal adventures and your Group’s adventures, so you can continue to have awesome and exciting Scouting experiences.

Starting the selling process can be quite daunting — when do I go out? Do I go alone, or with a parent or Scouter? What do I say if people ask me questions? Fear not, follow these five easy safety tips so that selling popcorn can be as easy as 1-2-3!

Tip #1: Stick to your neighbourhood.

To avoid getting lost, plan out your route beforehand and carry a map in your back pocket. Use the map to mark where you’ve been and where you have yet to go. Remember, even though you might know this neighbourhood, make sure you follow basic safety practices like looking both ways before crossing the street, staying on the sidewalk and other walkways, and staying outside of neighbours houses.

Tip #2: Sell with an adult.

Walk through your neighbourhood with someone you trust – whether that be a parent or a Scouter. If something goes wrong or feels off, make sure to tell them immediately.  They’re there to support you and help you feel successful and safe while selling popcorn. If you’re worried about carrying a lot of cash for change, give some to the adult that’s accompanying you and take some small bills and coins with you when knocking on someone’s door.

Tip #3: Be bright!

Sell popcorn before sunset, while it’s still bright out. Check when the sunset is, and make sure you’re home before dark. While you’re walking around, make sure to stay in brightly lit areas and wear bright clothing so that cars and people can see you.

Tip #4: Sell where you’re welcome.

Make sure to stay away from street corners, where you might distract the vehicles on the road. Going door-to-door is the best way to sell popcorn. If you want to sell popcorn in a more populated area, like in front of a grocery store, make sure to ask permission first. Suggest the location to your Group’s Popcorn Coordinator, and they will help make it happen.

Tip #5: Introduce yourself.

Start your conversation at the door with your name and reason for selling popcorn. Let them know that a portion of the popcorn sales will go to you and your Group to help fund fun adventures and experiences. If they have questions, answer them to the best of your abilities (and make sure to tell them why you love Scouting!). If they ask to contact you, provide the contact information of your Group’s Popcorn Coordinator.

With these five easy tips, not only will you stay safe this fall, you’ll also sell a lot of popcorn. What are you waiting for? Get out and start selling!

Catch more in our Safety Tip infographic for selling Scout Popcorn safely, here.


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