Scout Popcorn is helping develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world

Whether it’s breaking free of shyness, discovering a talent for sales or connecting with the feeling of contribution, Scout Popcorn builds self-confidence and self-esteem and it teaches youth how to set and achieve goals. This speaks to the heart of “well rounded” and “better prepared for success in the world”.

With the support of parents and Scouters, every Scout can find their own goal. Some might want to reach this year Adventure Club. Some might want to sell the Military gift option. What’s important is that they’re engaged in the process and that they find something that matters to them. Facilitating this is all about finding a specific goal that each youth wants to go for, and then helping them achieve their goal through youth-led, Scouter support.

Guess what happens to Groups who have Scouts with Popcorn goals? Yep, you guessed it! They sell more Popcorn. When you make popcorn about the mission, the money will follow. As I’ve spoken with Scouters and Coordinators across my Council about Scout Popcorn, I’ve noticed the Groups and Sections that understand the impact it can have, take a mission over money approach and they raise more money because of it.

When you think of Scout Popcorn, what do you think of? I think of opportunity – the opportunity for my peers, myself and youth across Canada to experience unbelievable Scouting adventures and along the way, develop into well rounded, confident and capable individuals. Scout Popcorn is an adventure as we fulfill our mission in a unique way, and it can teach youth about setting and pursuing a goal, giving them a sense of accomplishment in supporting their Group and the movement.

If you’re only thinking about the money, then you’re selling your youth short of an amazing opportunity and, ironically, leaving money on the table. If you design your Section Scout Popcorn Campaigns with our Mission in mind: your youth will have more fun, they’ll grow as individuals and your Group will exceed their fundraising goals.


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