Powered by Popcorn: The 1st Okotoks Group

How important is selling Scout Popcorn to the 1st Okotoks Group? According to Linda Duncan, it is the Groups main fundraiser and subsidizes absolutely all activities. In fact last year the Group raised $67,670. “Without Scout Popcorn, we wouldn’t be able to offer the well-rounded, adventurous program we do.” said Linda.

All Sections in the 1st Okotoks benefit from Scout Popcorn. Thanks to the fundraiser, Beavers are able to go on two sleepovers, Cubs go on four and Scouts are able to go camping at least once a month at no extra cost. Popcorn also helps the Group maintain equipment, they were even able to purchase a trailer to store it in.

“Popcorn allows us to provide youth with new and unique experiences,” said Linda, “from these activities and selling popcorn we have seen them grow into capable young leaders ready to take on the world.”

Selling Scout Popcorn teaches youth how to establish and go after a goal. Speaking about the program door to door, also helps develop confidence and public speaking skills. So what kind of goals do the 1st Okotoks reach for?

“International trips are a great motivator for the Venturers and Rovers,” said Linda, “popcorn helped get our Rovers to the 15th World Moot and our Venturers to the Jamboree in Denmark.”

Campaign kick offs and mapping out the local area have played a large role in the Groups success year after year. Every year Scout Popcorn kicks off with a rally like event to get youth excited about the campaign and to teach them best practices. Tackling the town strategically by dividing the city into routes, maps and areas, allows them to cover the entire town and get the message out.

The 1st Okotoks shows us that popcorn isn’t only about fundraising for adventures, it is also about helping youth gain the skills and confidence to succeed.


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