My Day on Parliament Hill

On September 26, a group of Scouts visited MP’s on Parliament Hill, coming home with memories, selfies, and new ideas to make our country a better place.

At 8:30 AM, our group was ready to go. We were all excited for the day ahead of us. As we left Scouts headquarters, we exchanged ideas and jokes during the ride to Parliament. Parking was no easy task though, and we had to sprint to make it to our first interview on time.

As we got inside the Parliament buildings, we were surrounded by golden hand railings, elegant light fixtures, and huge stone pillars, speaking to the history made in the building.  We made our way through the maze of corridors and managed to find the offices of MP Mark Strahl, and MP Robert Kitchen, a former Scout. We discussed how to use our skills from Scouts to help others, and ended the morning with plenty of tips on how to be a great leader, and make a positive impact in the community.

After our first few meetings, we were parched! It was time for a lunch break, so we hiked through the maze of architecture, and into the Subway restaurant. Looming ahead was our goal, the soda machine with every flavour. Needless to say, I may have gone a little overboard, but cherry Sprite and lemon Dr. Pepper is a great mix. As we enjoyed our drinks, we talked about our afternoon video shoot and the MPs we would be meeting.

After lunch, we sold popcorn to Opposition Leader and ultimate popcorn lover, Andrew Scheer. We even recorded a video of our meeting for social media. Our paths crossed with Nova Scotia MP Bernadette Jordan as we traveled to our next interview with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. He had plenty of tips and ideas to share with us, and it was great to talk to another party leader.

My Day on Parliament Hill - Meeting with Tom Mulcair

On our way to the final meeting of the day we ran into another former Scout, MP Todd Doherty, who told us about the skills he gained from Scouts. The last meeting was with MP Anita Vandenbeld who shared inspiring stories of how youth have made a difference. She told us to find something we care about, and figure out how to help because we to can make a difference. As we rode back home, we were all tired, but also inspired, and ready to make an impact.

Being able to talk to MPs was an added bonus for myself. I might like to become a politician someday, and getting a glimpse of their everyday lives was something I hadn’t dreamed would ever happen. I even found out that some of them were former Scouts! They told me how to use my skills to make a positive impact on my community.

One message I consistently received was that the experiences I’ve been having in Scouts including leadership opportunities, communications building, and service projects are skills I can use in the future. It’s nice to know while I’ve been having fun with my friends, I’ve also been preparing myself for the future.

My Day on Parliament Hill - Scouts Canada


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