On Giving Tuesday ensure that no youth is left behind

Giving Tuesday, November 28, is a time when the community comes together in support of not for profits and their volunteers. It is an opportunity to share with our young Scouting leaders today and better preparing them for future success.

With the goal of ensuring no youth is left behind, the No One Left Behind program provides financial support to families who face economic barriers so their children can benefit from Scouting. Scouts Canada’s No One Left Behind Program subsidizes membership and related costs such as uniforms, outdoor equipment and camps so all youth can develop life skills with Scouting programs. Over the past decade, our donors have helped us provide nearly 16,000 youth with the opportunity to experience a world of friendship, adventure and self-development through Scouting.

“Our family supports the NOLB program because we believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate in Scouting.  The NOLB program is especially important because many of the kids who need the Scouting experience the most can’t afford it.” Said Laurie Cunningham-LeBlanc, Donor. “Our family comes from three generations of Scouting & Guiding; life lessons, experiences of learning, sharing, caring and teaching help to shape, and prepare future generations of children. We all have some great memories!”

By donating to the program on Giving Tuesday, you will be giving youth and families who are experiencing financial hardship the gift of adventure, friendship, self- development and so much more. With that said, there are many other ways to give back to the Scouting movement.

Ensure No Child is left behindIt is due to our Scouters that we are able see our vision of Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world come to fruition. Every year our Scouters go above and beyond to ensure Scouting youth have great, safe adventures, while also developing into confident, capable individuals prepared for success in the world.

“I thank Scouters for my experience. I owe them so much for helping me to grow as a person. Scouting makes you aware of others.” Said Rebecca Cairns, 1st Porcupine Plan A Company. “Teaching about the environment and community, Scouting stops you from focusing on yourself as much, and you become more thankful and willing to give back and help.”

Giving Tuesday is also about saying “thank you” to every single Scouter for their commitment and dedication to the Scouting movement. You are truly making a difference in the lives of Canadian youth. Take the time to show your appreciation for a Scouter you know through the ‘Say Thanks’ button.

Volunteering is another great way to give on Giving Tuesday. Scouters have provided generations of Canadian youth with a first opportunity to sleep in a tent, to experience leadership, and to build self-reliance and self-confidence. If you want to give back to your community and make an impact on young Canadians, volunteer today.

We also invite you to join the conversation online. Whether it’s volunteering your time to support the leaders of tomorrow, or contributing funds so that every youth has the opportunity to experience Scouting—we want to know why you choose to contribute to Scouts Canada. Share your story and reason for giving by using the hashtag, #WhyGive.

At Scouts Canada we believe every child should have an opportunity to participate in great, safe Scouting adventures. On Giving Tuesday, let’s ensure no young person is left behind.



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