Congratulations to the Winners of our Fall Contests!

Over the autumn season, Scouting members showed off their smarts, adventure skills and leadership initiative by participating in our Adventures on the Path, PopCorner and STEM Literacy contests.

With prizes ranging from $100-200 dollars in Scout Shop Gift Cards, the following individuals and Groups excelled with their Scouting initiatives:

PopCorner Contest

QuaidQuaid Hauck, 1st High River Group

Cub Scout Quaid Hauck impressed his community and earned local media coverage after he sold a whopping $8,500 worth of Scout Popcorn.

Read his top selling tip.

NancyNancy Bunch, 1st Wainwright Group

With her Group, Scouter Nancy discussed the importance of spatial planning, mapping and strategy to make the most of the Scout Popcorn fundraising season.

Read how her Group raised $10,000 in Scout Popcorn sales.


Adventures on the Path Contest

StephenStephen Loney, 36th Halifax Group

Beavers from the 36th Halifax, 1st Woodlawn and 1st Wolfville combined Canadian history and adventure to explore the Halifax Citadel.

Read Scouter Stephen’s account of their experience in the fortress.


EmilieEmilie Diver, 6th Centre Lake Group

Rover Scout Emilie shares her nature experience and wildlife sightings at British Columbia’s Camp Byng.

Read her story.


RoseRose Martin, 77th East Glenmore Group

The 77the East Glenmore Scouts have been keeping Calgary’s Carburn Park shoreline clean for years. Group Commissioner Rose Martin explains how environmental stewardship can help the community and planet, while offering Scouts a new twist on outdoor adventure:


STEM Literacy Contest

DeanDean Langner, 10th Garry Oak Group

For Science Literacy Week, the 10th Garry Oak Cubs created and launched bottle rockets that reached heights of up to 30 feet!

Read Scouter Dean’s account.


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