A Jungle Cat night safari could be your next great Scouting adventure [Sponsored]

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Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park has offered visitors the unique opportunity to see and experience wild animals in an up-close and personal environment since 1983. Many of the species available to experience are threatened by extinction.

Located in Orono, Ontario, just 45 minutes east of Toronto, this family-owned park has been fully accredited by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) since 1989. Twenty-eight years later the park continues to remain open to the public, and offers a variety of exclusive programs geared towards education and conservation. One of these interactive programs is the Night Safari.

The Night Safari is a program that has been utilized by Scouts Groups for many years, and it has had a lot of positive feedback. Those participating in the program stay in cabins located on neighbouring property, and are given the unique opportunity to tour the zoo at sunset with a safari guide who provides detailed information about those animals who are most active at night!

Following the guided tour, there is a presentation in the Zoo’s Education Centre, which features animals from creepy-crawly tarantulas to fuzzy lemurs and soaring birds of prey. To round out the night everyone gathers around the campfire where they can hear wild sounds coming from right next door.

As an accredited facility dedicated to conservation and education, Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park operates in conjunction with the Endangered Species Fund of Canada. Together, they maintain extensive breeding programs for species like Amur Leopards, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, and Amur Tigers. They also run awareness programs in addition to Night Safari such as Safari Zoo Camp and Feeding Tour, as well as other outreach presentations.

Katie G, a Safari Zoo Camper at Jungle Cat World with Guido, our 23 year old Ring - Tailed Lemur
Katie G, a Safari Zoo Camper at Jungle Cat World with Guido, our 23 year old Ring – Tailed Lemur.

Our future, and the future of the world’s endangered wildlife, begins with our youth.  Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park offers children the unique opportunity to learn about the importance of the Earth’s precious wildlife. With reasonable group rates, Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park will provide your group with an adventure that won’t easily be forgotten.

For more information visit www.junglecatworld.com. You can also call Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park at 905-983-5016 or send an email to info@junglecatworld.com.


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