Experience Wild Science during a Sleepover at the Ontario Science Centre (Sponsored)

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Sleepovers at the Ontario Science Centre provide a unique opportunity for groups to prepare for the summer season. An unforgettable indoor camping experience, a Science Centre sleepover offers the chance to experience an evening of after-dark exploration complete with special programming, all within the familiar confines of one of the world’s first interactive science museums. Youth have the opportunity to hone skills such as packing for an overnight excursion while having the chance to take part in group decision-making activities, trying something new or working to complete their personal achievement badge requirements.

For almost two decades, the Ontario Science Centre has planned action-packed nights for more than 70,000 sleepover participants – taking campers underwater, into the laboratories – even up to outer space. With themes ranging from Engineering and Technology to Bolts, Jolts & Volts, sleepover sleuths have investigated endangered species, become weather wise and ventured on cosmic quests.

This spring, campers will find out just how wild a night at the Science Centre can get. Their epic Wild Science journey of scientific discovery begins with the IMAX® film Amazon Adventure where they’ll encounter phenomenal examples of camouflage and mimicry. They’ll then embark on their own exclusive after-dark expedition through the Ontario Science Centre’s exhibit halls – where they can take on a climbing wall, crawl through a bat cave or track down the wild animals that live in a real-live rain forest. Campers can replenish their reserves with a late night snack before they hit the dance floor at a DJ/PJ dance party.

A fun-filled night away from home can provide a chance for youth to assert their independence, while experiencing the positive aspects of camp. Through a variety of engaging, interactive experiences, they’ll learn how scientists and scouts use the same sense of innovation and creativity to test their thinking ability, identify solutions and collaborate with others. Immersive science activities also highlight the value of teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking and effective communication.

For more information or to book the upcoming Wild Science Sleepover, please visit: http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/Sleepovers/


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