Safe Scouting: Winter Sports

Scouting is not only for the snow-free seasons, winter is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy Canada in its glory. Here are some activities your Group can do along with some safety tips that can ensure that you have fun, and are safe this winter.

When you are skiing or snowboarding, you should remember that it is fine to fall or slip. In fact, it is part of learning any new sport! When you are learning you will probably fall a few times. If you ever do fall make sure you fall in a way that you cannot hurt yourself or anyone else. Remember to stay in the designated areas designed for skiing or snowboarding. The ropes are there for your safety. And always wear a helmet.

When you are snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, it is important to have an emergency kit in case you get lost. In your emergency kit, a very important item that should be included is water to keep yourself hydrated. Next, find a path that you feel comfortable going on and make sure that the conditions are good. Make sure you wear layers of clothing, hat and mitts to keep yourself warm. Mitts are always better than gloves!  If you start to get hot, you can take off layers. Be sure as well to check the risks of avalanches happening in the area that you will be adventuring in. Another important tip to keep in mind is to always map out your route beforehand so you know where you are going.

When you are ice-skating, skate in places you are familiar with and places that are safe to skate on. Places that are marked off might not be safe so it’s always wise to double check. Some places take longer to freeze than others so be careful because if it is not thick enough the ice could break.

When tobogganing be sure to check the hill for dangers such as not enough snow, rocks, and ice.  You want to make sure your toboggan really can slide down just the snow and nothing else! Wear a helmet for safety and toque and mitts for warmth. When going down the hill look around you to make sure you don’t hit anyone going down.

For detailed information, check out the Winter Sports Safety Tip.

Some winter activities can be fun but also dangerous. I hope my tips help you have great, SAFE winter Scouting adventures


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