How Scouting Has Influenced My Life

The program helped me progress into a natural leader, environmental steward & outdoor enthusiast

My Scouting journey began as an excited four year old with a passion for exploration and a lot of excess energy to burn off.  I don’t actually know the reasons my parents decided to register me for the Scouting program, but out of all the amazing things they have done for me over the years, I appreciate this action the most.  It’s been 12 years since I joined Scouts and I am forever grateful for the impact Scouting has had on my life.  Joining the Scouting Movement at such a young age meant that it has been a constant for me throughout my life.  From preschool to elementary school and the massive transition to high school, Scouting has always been a major part of who I am, and I would not have it any other way.

Alyana Lalani, Youth SpokespersonI have gained confidence, unique experiences, a love for the outdoors, and an amazing group of friends during my years as a Scout.  Scouting has made me a stronger and more resilient person who is not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.  I love how the program embodies a youth-led aspect because I have developed into a leader and a team player, while getting to plan events that matter to my community and myself.  Scouting has also inspired a love for the outdoors and the environment.  I love hiking, biking, and paddling.  I care so much about the environment because I have been able to experience some of the beautiful ecosystems of British Columbia, and I do not want to see those destroyed.

From the Scouting Movement, I have gotten to have experiences and make memories that really are once in a lifetime.  I’ve been able to do everything from shoreline cleanups to 200 kilometer bike rides to snowy winter camps. And while these adventures have occasionally been a bit of a struggle, they make for amazing stories.  I can now only look back on these Scouting adventures with fond memories.


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