Bringing the community together to explore the outdoors

An update on the 224th Sandstone Valley Scouts 2017 Good Turn Week project

For Good Turn Week 2017, The 224th Sandstone Valley Scouts Group helped with a local community project called, the Sandstone Skating Oval. This oval is a small island located in the northeast corner of Sandstone Park in Calgary, Alberta. The Scouts began planning this project in October 2016, making sure they had all the pieces in place to start the work over Good Turn Week. The Group wants to help with this project because they want to do something for the whole community to enjoy, and that brings friends and families together to explore the outdoors.

The Group has worked on the project with great effort accomplishing many tasks so far.  To list a few; the benches and picnic tables have been refurbished; the sides have been built up so when they flood the rink water doesn’t go over; the flooding of the rink has started. There is also a stone around the island and a community stone on it. And they have added mulch to the island. The rink has been lined with snow fence provided by the City. The Groups next big task is to replace the shed by the rink with a gazebo structure.

It’s worth mentioning that this island is in the shape of an oval.  The Scouts plan to make a recreational setting in the middle of the oval with the skating rink around the outside in the winter. During the warmer seasons, the rink dries up and the grass grows, making the island usable all year-round. The 224th Sandstone Valley Scouts Group is very excited to continue this Good Turn project and make this park a convenient, fun and relaxing place for the community to come together and enjoy the outdoors.


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