Gear Review: Eureka Green River Air Pad

The Eureka Green River Air Pad is the next level of comfort and reliability for any adventure.

Personally, when out on a camping, canoeing, hiking, or any other type of outdoor expedition, space is everything to me. This great lightweight air mattress packs down super small so that I can have room for all of my other gear. It weighs only 2 pounds, and unfolds to a surprisingly large size, perfect for the use of someone tall.  To save even more space you no longer need to pack a pillow, because this comes with one built in. Worried about space? No worries — the pillow won’t take up room and will be supportive for your neck.

I always find that when sleeping on an air mattress I end up having to move back into position constantly throughout the night. With this air mattress that won’t be a problem. It has “stealth grip fabric” which allows you to sleep in place all night long. Best of all, this air mattress has a special feature that will save your breath. An integrated air pump allows you to simply pump up your mattress.  It’s easy to use, plus it has a very simple and understandable direction sheet on the pump itself. Just in case you missed it, there is still a nozzle where you can inflate it yourself.

I would definitely recommend this mattress.  However, if you enjoy your space as much as I do, this mattress is most comfortable in a tent for more than one person.

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