It’s a Scouting Life for Me!

I started Cub Scouts 3 years ago because my friend told me about it, and it sounded interesting. Boy was I right. My Group is led by a wonderful team of Scouters who work hard to make everything we do a lot of fun. Whether it be games in the gym, community service work or camps, the activities we do help us develop skills, while having fun and ultimately encouraging us to become better people. Over the years, we have done food drives, planted trees, and decorated cupcakes for the less fortunate. I’ve also been able to give back to the community by laying wreaths at the Perley and Rideau Veterans Center each Remembrance Day, and singing carols to the elderly at the Billings Lodge every Christmas.

Through Scouts, I have participated in many unique camps. No matter the season, I have learned something new at each one, because all of the camps are a little different. The best adventure I’ve had so far was going to the 2017 Canadian Jamboree. I met many great people from around the world; especially the Taiwanese Scouts who taught me about their country. I also enjoyed my day in Halifax, seeing what life is like on the east coast. I came home with many great memories and of course, badges too.

104th Scouts at CJ'17

Since I joined Scouts, I have also had the opportunity to develop my outdoor adventure skills, such as swimming, rock climbing, canoeing and much more. I learned how to make a fire safely, how to use an axe and saw, and how to tie strong knots. I also learned important survival skills like making a shelter, building and using a hobo stove, as well as how to react quickly in an emergency situation.

However, the most important skills I have learned through Scouts are the skills that have helped shape me as an individual. Scouts has taught me how to be a confident and patient person, how to talk to strangers and speak at public events. It challenged me to push myself to my limits. It gave me the courage to travel 1,400 km away from home to go to CJ’17 at the age of 10, and to fundraise all the money I needed for the journey. It also challenged me to hike 28 km in the Rideau Challenge as a first year Scout.

For these reasons, I love Scouts. I encourage everyone to get involved and see how Scouts can change their world. Together we can have many great adventures. Hope to see you all at CJ’21.

104th Scouts at CJ'17


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