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Incorporating the Six Program Areas for Beaver Scouts

Hi there Colony Scouter, I’m here to tell you about the six program areas and how to  incorporate these pillars every week. What you may not realize is that you’re probably already doing it.

It is common for meetings to start by singing the national anthem and saying the Beaver Scout promise. If this is the case with your Section, within the first five minutes of your meeting, you’ve already covered two of the program areas: Citizenship, by singing the anthem, and Beliefs & Values, through the Beaver Scout Promise.  Moving further into your evening, you help to promote Active & Healthy Living by exposing your youth to different sports, games, and other physical activities, like going for a nature walk or tobogganing.  Such activities help show Beaver Scouts how they can stay active and healthy, while still having fun.

Once the Beaver Scouts have been able to run off some energy, you may decide that its time to do a craft.  Whether this is making a Beaver Buggy or a Christmas ornament, this time will help your youth to Creatively Express themselves.  Once it comes to the end of the evening, you may decide to sit down with your youth to review your night and discuss what is to come in the following weeks.  At this time, your youth can show their Leadership skills by providing ideas for different activities they want to do in the future with the Beaver Colony. One of your Beaver Scouts might suggest that they want to do a nature clean up in a neighbourhood park. By taking ideas such as this, you help to empower your youth, while also encouraging their Environmental & Outdoor development.

By incorporating all six-program areas you are providing youth with well-rounded experiences that will better prepare them for success in the world. If you are looking for more ideas on how to cover all of the program areas be sure to check out trail cards for Beaver Scouts.


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