Allowing even more youth to benefit from Scouting by delivering a great program on the Canadian Path

The 73rd London Group

Over the past year the 73rd London Group have jumped from 27 to 42 youth, achieving a growth rate of 55.6%. Group Commissioner, Kevin Gunn, spoke with ScoutingLife about how delivering a great program on the Canadian Path is key to increasing both membership and retention.

“Following the Canadian Path allows us to provide a youth-led program that keeps members coming back year after year,” said Kevin, “resources like trail cards and the trail maps are great ways to maintain a quality program and guide Scouters through the activities.”

The 73rd London Group attributes their quality programming to their devoted Volunteers and Scouters so are actively recruiting to allow more youth to join. Utilizing posters in local schools and advertisements on Kijiji not only attract more volunteers, but also more youth.

“Word-of-mouth marketing has proven most successful.” said Kevin, “If the kids are having a great time and doing a lot of fun things, they will go to school and tell their friends about it.”

73rd London Scout Group

The exciting adventures youth in the 73rd London Group have experienced range from Cub camping trips to Beaver sleepovers. While the Scouts have taken an active role in planning an International trip and learning new skills on camping trips.

The 73rd London foster an adventurous and engaging environment for Scouters which allow them to deliver a great program.

“By taking the time to mentor new Scouters, we are able to identify where they may need extra support,” said Kevin, “while also sharing best practices on how to deliver a program on the Canadian Path.”

By offsetting registration fees for parents who sign up as a volunteer, the 73rd London has recruited new Scouters. These funds are recovered through successful fundraising, and by promoting a family account, where the funds collected are divided per youth, parents are able to decide when and where to spend their share.

“These funds have been used for everything from camp costs to uniform and registration fees,” said Kevin, “it has proven to be an effective way to help families subsidize costs.”

At the end of the day, for the 73rd London, a great program on the Canadian Path is what attracts new members and keep current ones coming back. While fostering an engaging environment for Scouters ensures the Group is able to deliver a program that youth enjoy.


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