Fueling Great Adventures with Scout Popcorn

A review of the 2017 Scout Popcorn Campaign

Together with 1,031 Groups, over $6.5 million dollars was raised during the 2017 Scout Popcorn campaign. That amounts to nearly $4 million worth of great Scouting adventures for youth across the country. So thank you for your hard work—without your effort we would not be able to provide the program and activities that we offer. You have also helped support the No One Left Behind program allowing over 3,000 Canadian youth from low-income families to benefit from Scouting.

The annual Scout Popcorn survey allows participants to provide feedback that will help guide the development of the 2018 campaign. Thank you to everyone who responded. Of particular note was that over 48% of Groups set a fundraising goal this year, with over 60% of participants reaching or exceeding their goal. This showcases the impact goal setting can have on a successful campaign. Setting a goal based on an adventure or activity the Group wants to do is a great incentive for youth. The survey also demonstrated that nearly 77% of youth were fundraising to contribute to their adventures and activities.

Our Group focuses on how buying popcorn is a donation to Scouts Canada and how it helps our youth enjoy new adventures and prepares them for the future. Funds raised have been used to supplement costs at camp and even half of a 9 day canoe trip.

Lyle Schepp, 18th Brandon Group

Introduced last year, youth who raised over $2,500 are enrolled in the Scout Popcorn Adventure Club, qualifying them for four gearboxes throughout the year. 2017 saw 176 youth join the club. We look forward to enrolling even more Scouting youth in 2018.

Popcorn Gear Boxes

Scout Popcorn also helps us achieve our mission of developing well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world.  Through selling Scout Popcorn, Scouts learn many valuable life and business skills such as marketing, strategy development, financial responsibility, and develop positive self-esteem.

Popcorn allows us to provide youth with new and unique experiences. From these activities and selling popcorn we have seen them grow into capable young leaders ready to take on the world.

Linda Duncan,The 1st Okotoks Group

With new resources available soon for the Plan, Do and Review stage, we will strive to make the 2018 Scout Popcorn Campaign your most successful yet. In the meantime, this planning tool and timeline will help guide your campaign. Our aim is to make sure all youth benefit from the incredible experiences Scouting provides and Scout Popcorn can be the first step. After all, Great Adventures Start with Scout Popcorn.


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