Jelly bean walks, Science World sleepovers & Beaver buggy races marked the beginning of my Scouting adventure

I started Scouting when I was five years old and my sister joined two years later. After my first Beaver meeting, my mom asked me if I liked it or not.  At that time, I didn’t know if I enjoyed Beavers, but then she offered to be a Scouter and I was overjoyed! For the next couple of meetings I clung by her side, but got used to the people around me over time, marking the beginning of my Scouting adventure.

My Scouting life started with the Beaveree events I went to as a kid, the Science World sleepovers, the jelly bean walks and the Beaver Buggie races.  All these little things have  influenced my life. When I was in Grade three I couldn’t wait to crawl under the tarp and feel the rush of putting my Cub Scout uniform on for the first time.  As I got older, I was allowed to do a lot more things, for instance, my first time at Camp Byng where I had fun going on the zip line, the low ropes course and scanning the beach for small crabs, which is still one of my favourite memories to this day.  One of the biggest opportunities I had was in Scouts, when in my first year, thanks to the Canadian Path, our Troop voted on what we would do in the program over the course of the year. There was rock climbing, scuba diving, and many more adventures. The rock climbing was one of my personal favourites.

Around the middle of the year I was presented with a life changing opportunity, the 2017 Canadian Jamboree at Camp Nedooae in Elderbank, Nova Scotia. The week-long camp in July was on 265 acres property for us to explore. We started preparing at every meeting, whether it was discussing what activities we wanted to do or planning what to pack for the trip. At CJ I met so many new people and tried lots of new activities, like leather work, catamaran rafting, STEM activities, and much more!  One of my favourite activities was badge trading. I had never heard of trading badges in the past. Before we left, my Dad’s friend gave me a ton of badges and I traded a lot of them for ones that I liked more. There was a store to buy badges, a badge club and a badge museum for badges from past Canadian Jamboree’s.

This trip has inspired me to travel to other places more than ever before. It has also influenced me to continue with Scouting so I can experience and learn even more exciting things that will help me succeed in the future.

Cover Image Photo by: Ian McCausland Photography, 1st Crestview


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